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York chocolate cat

York Chocolate cat is a little-known breed of cat. A friendly frisk in the color of chocolate.


York Chocolate is a quiet cat, with medium attention requirements, sociable, affectionate towards family members, allowing himself to manipulate himself, he also likes to nap on his knees and be carried and cuddled. He behaves cautiously towards strangers, sometimes he is a bit shy, but gentle and sociable. He is intelligent, learns quickly, full of energy. Although he is independent and can organize classes himself, he likes people. He is happiest when he can accompany his guardian. A good friend and a good hunter.

York chocolate cat. Advantages and disadvantages


  • very rare breed, maybe no longer existing (source:


  • not requiring care
  • healthy race
  • likes other animals
  • will be found in both family and singles
  • tolerates short loneliness well
  • intelligent
  • outgoing but not intrusive
  • likes fun not only at a young age

York chocolate cat. Health

Healthy breed. Strong genes inherited from farm cats.


Easy. Just comb the coat once a week.

York chocolate cat. History

York Chocolate is a new natural breed of semi-long-haired cats from the United States. The first part of the breed’s name comes from the name of the state of New York, where the breed was bred in 1983. Chocolate – from the color of the coat. York Chocolate comes from crossbreeds of semi-long-haired domestic cats with a chocolate, lilac, chocolate-white, lilac-white coat – cats living in farms. It is the strong genome of farm cats that owes good health and immunity.

York chocolate cat

He was never recognized by major felinological organizations such as TICA or FIFe. For a short time, he was mentioned by the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) as a not fully recognized breed. The name York Chocolate was mentioned several times by smaller felinological organizations in the 1990s and the beginning of the 21st century. York Chocolate has gained some popularity in Italy, Germany, Canada and Russia. Two cat breedings of this breed were known: Fairies Cattery (Anna and Francesco Baldi) and Lavender Perfume Cattery (Fulvio and Alice Bresciani). In 2015, kennel sites ceased to exist. Recent mentions of York Chocolate in feline sources come from 2016. Then there was silence. Question – does the York Chocolate race still exist?


York Chocolate Cat – Chocolate York – Breeds not recognized by FIFe
  • Origin: United States
  • Character: loyal, friendly, likes fun
  • Size: medium to large
  • Weight: females 5-6 kg, males 7-8 kg
  • General appearance: strong, well-muscled
  • Head: medium-sized, may appear too small for a muscular body; in the shape of a truncated triangle, more elongated than wider
  • Ears: large, set wide apart
  • Eyes: large, almond-shaped, golden, green or intense brown (nutty)
  • Nose: Long and straight, with a breakthrough
  • Torso: slim, well-muscled; limbs long, hair between the toes
  • Tail: long and fluffy
  • Coat: semi-long, soft, smooth, slightly shiny or matte; soft undercoat; longer hair on the tail, chest, neck, hind legs
  • Color: four varieties of color: chocolate, chocolate-white, lilac, lilac-white are allowed. In single-colored individuals, a white spot on the abdomen or breasts is allowed; in two-tone white is on the collar, paws, stomach and often on the face
  • Activity: active
  • Resistance/susceptibility to diseases: resistant
  • Lifespan: 13-15 years
York chocolate cat

Interesting facts

In kittens, the colors are lighter, they can show signs of brindle and spots – up to the age of 10 months. York Chocolate darkens with age, and its coat acquires a deep shade. For adult cats, no shading, brindle or spotting marks are allowed. Specimens with a clean, intense eye color are most valued.

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