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Seychellois cat

The Seychellois cat is commonly called spotted siamese. This is a breed that was, but it is gone.


Like the Oriental cat, the Shorthair Seychellois cat is an inquisitive, cheerful, but a rather balanced animal. Very sociable and intelligent, likes contact with people and other cats. He doesn’t like closing, he likes to stroll around his territory (preferably if it is a house with a garden). Active – this is not a quiet couch type! Very talkative, he can make a variety of sounds.

Seychellois cat

Seychellois cat. Advantages and disadvantages

  • possible congenital genetic defects similar to those of Siamese and Oriental cats
  • not suitable for an only child
  • likes other cats
  • not requiring care
  • little molting
  • sociable, he clings to a man
  • loves movement and fun
  • suitable for older children and people who spend a lot of time at home
Seychellois cat

Seychellois cat. Health

As with Siamese and Oriental cats, possible birth defects: progressive retinal degeneration (PRA), gangliosidosis, polycystic kidney disease (PKD).


Few lines, no undercoat. Undemanding – combing once a week or two is enough.

Seychellois cat

Seychellois cat. History

Pat Turner, a breeder from Great Britain, in the 80s attempted to create a new breed. In her special breeding program, she used a Siamese cat and an oriental bicolor cat. This resulted in a short-haired Seychelles cat and his close cousin – a long-haired Seychelles cat. The Seychelles short-haired cat was recognized by FIFe in 2006. At the beginning of 2016, FIFe revised its systematics and recognized a short-haired Seychelles cat as a color variation of a Siamese cat. Thus, today the Seychelles cat is not recognized as a separate breed by any felinological organization.


Shorthair seychelles cat – seychellois shorthair – Cats not recognized by FIFe
EMS code: SYS
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Character: friendly, sociable, playful, intelligent
  • Size: medium size
  • Weight: 2.5-4.5 kg
  • General appearance: graceful, slim, neat, elegant and proud, soft movements and a flexible body
  • Head: medium-sized, wedge-shaped; skull well balanced, proportional to the body, slightly rounded in profile; the wedge starts from the nose and goes straight to the ears, which are an extension of the cheek line; narrow muzzle, medium beard
  • Nose: straight, long, form a straight line with the forehead; the breakthrough is not marked
  • Ears: extremely large, broad at the base, slightly pointed at the ends
  • Eyes: medium-sized, almond-shaped, slightly oblique; the only eye color permitted by the standard is intense, bright blue
  • Neck: Slim, long, elegant
  • Body: elongated, slender, shapely, with well-defined muscles; makes an elegant impression; the arms should not be wider than the hips
  • Limbs: proportional to the body, slender, slim, with small oval paws
  • Tail: very long, thin at the root, tapering to a thin tip
  • Coat: short, delicate, silky to the touch, shiny, smoothly adhering to the skin; no undercoat
  • Color: point (the mask does not go beyond the outline of the face, uniform in color of the markings on the paws, ears and tail), even if the colors of the cover and the markings are close to each other, there is still a clear contrast between them; dark patches on the stomach and sides are not allowed, lighter hair or braces on the markings (except tabby); the disadvantage is too weak contrast between the body color and meanings

Interesting facts

In colloquial terms, it is often heard that the Shorthair Seychelles cat is simply a Siamese cat with white patches. The color of Seychelles cats can be divided into 3 types:

  • Septieme – color on the head, tail and torso
  • Huitieme – color on the head, tail and legs
  • Neuvieme – color on the tail and head

Until recently (until 2016), the Seychelles cat was one of the few breeds recognized by the largest European fifeological organization FIFe, and not recognized by most American organizations (the reverse situation is more common – FIFe jet is more restrictive). Currently, the Seychelles cat is recognized as the color variety of the Siamese cat.

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