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Ragamuffin cat

At first glance – Ragdoll! RagaMuffin cat comes from Ragdoll, but can occur in all types of color.


RagaMuffin cat inherited many ragdoll character traits. The perfect family cat. Extremely friendly and sociable, with a balanced disposition, he loves to sit on his knees or hang like a rag doll from his guardian’s embrace. He quickly becomes attached to his owners and demands a lot of caresses and fun. Intelligent, he likes to party until late life, he learns easily – walking on a leash, opening the door, lying down and sitting on command. Has a “doggy” character. Because it tolerates loneliness badly, it is recommended rather to people spending a lot of time at home. He feels great in the company of children, he almost never shows aggressive behavior, loves to be petted and worn on his hands. He is not afraid of strangers, on the contrary – he happily greets guests at the door and if he could, he would treat them from the martini’s doorstep. This great trust means that he should not be an outgoing cat – not without supervision. Only walking in cans and on a leash are allowed. He trusts everything and everything, even the automaker rushing right at them. It is also a treat for thieves – it can easily be taken by strangers. RagaMuffin is great among other animals – he likes other cats, dogs, birds, rodents and even lizards.

Ragamuffin cat

Ragamuffin cat. Advantages and disadvantages

  • badly tolerates loneliness
  • you should watch his diet, he is a big cat, but he should not be fat
  • moderately demanding in care
  • he should not leave the house alone – he is too trusting
  • difficult to access outside the United States
  • gentle, adorable, shows no signs of aggression
  • intelligent
  • he likes taking on his knees, wearing on his arms
  • great family cat
  • likes children
  • also suitable for seniors
  • suitable even for beginner cat lovers
  • loves fun until late age
  • the coat hardly felts and is easy to care for
  • shows no destructive tendencies
  • scratching the scratching post prefers human furniture

Ragamuffin cat. Health

The breed is generally healthy. It is recommended to follow a diet as it may have a tendency to gain weight. When buying RagaMuffin, you should require a breeder’s veterinary certificate with negative results of kitten’s parents’ tests for HCM (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) and PKD (polycystic kidney disease).


Ragamuffin is medium demanding. The coat is not felted, it requires combing once a week. Regularly clean the corners of their eyes – each eye with a new cotton swab.

Ragamuffin cat

Ragamuffin cat. History

RagaMuffin is a cat breed derived from ragdoll. Recently, fur without decorations and with markings in colors other than ragdolls has been allowed.Anna Baker, who in the early 1960s bred ragdolls, reserved the name of the breed and can only be used for cats from catches registered with the International Ragdoll Cat Association (IRCA). In the 70s and 90s of the twentieth century, some breeders broke away from IRCA, not agreeing with the very restrictive approach of this organization. Because the name ragdoll was proprietary, they named their cats RagaMuffin. To strengthen the breed, they were crossed with Persian, Himalayan and domestic long-haired cats – as a result, the appearance of RagaMuffins began to diverge from the construction typical of classic ragdolls.

Ragamuffin cat

As a separate breed, RagaMuffin was registered in 1994 and is currently recognized by ACFA, UFO, CFF and ICE.


RagaMuffin – Raga Muffin – a race not recognized by FIFe
  • Origin: United States
  • Character: gentle, friendly, “bearish”, shows no signs of aggression, very trusting, intelligent, learn quickly, very pet-friendly
  • Size: large, males larger than females
  • Weight: 4.5-7.5 kg, males 6-10 kg
  • General appearance: compact body, extensive chest, strong shoulders and short, broad and well-muscled neck
  • Head: large, round, full cheeks, strong jaws in males Ears: rounded at the ends, decorated with tufts of fur
  • Eyes: large, in the shape of walnuts, any color is allowed
  • Body: elongated
  • Tail: long, with thick hair
  • Coat: semi-long, slightly shorter than ragdoll hair, silky, very dense, feels like rabbit fur, longer on the neck, stomach, hind legs and around the mouth
  • Ointment: any color and pattern allowed
  • Activity: active, likes fun until old age
  • Resistance/susceptibility to diseases: resistant, may have a tendency to gain weight
  • Lifespan: 12-16 years

Interesting facts

Purely white RagaMuffin cat specimens are the rarest and most desirable. Kittens are born white and only with age acquire the right coat color.

This breed is growing up long. It reaches its final size and maturity between 4 and 5 years of age. RagaMuffin differs from ragdoll not only in the color of the coat and eyes, but also in the length of the coat (in RagaMuffin it is slightly shorter), the shape of the head (fuller cheeks) and the shape of the eyes (the shape of a nut and not oval).

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