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Nebelung cat – Russian blue long hair

Quiet, adorable and graceful. It delights with almost silent movement. Nebelung. A cat made of fog.


Nebelung cat is quiet, adorable and graceful. Delights with almost silent movement, rarely vocalize. Very attached to guardians, emotional, rather distrustful of strangers. He likes the company of other cats with a similarly calm temperament as he does.

Nebelung cat

A great companion for older people and families with older children. Rather, it is not suitable for houses with very active cats or dogs, small children, houses full of traffic and noise. He loves routine and peace. It may take some time for him to adapt to change, and despite his householder’s disposition, Nebelung cat also enjoys being active. These cats are very physically fit and willingly play with their guardian. They are curious and intelligent.

Nebelung cat

Nebelung cat. Advantages and disadvantages

  • rare breed
  • he is shy and distrustful of strangers
  • values ​​silence and routine
  • not suitable for a home with small children or where something is still going on
  • doesn’t like change
  • he hates traveling badly
  • does not always accept other animals
  • rather home without dogs
  • healthy, no genetic defects
  • calm, balanced
  • sensitive and emotional, delicate
  • strongly associated with the guardian
  • for the senior
  • for single
  • home with older children
Nebelung cat

Nebelung cat. Health

This breed is generally characterized by good health. Like many cats, they may have a tendency to urolithiasis and kidney failure.


We feed Nebelung like other cats. Due to the good appetite that this breed usually enjoys, be careful that the cat does not gain too much weight. In addition, due to the semi-long hair, it is necessary to give laxatives from time to time.


Nebelung care is not difficult. Although the hair is quite long, it is not tangled. However, due to the coat’s length, it should be brushed twice a week. It is worth doing it even more often during the molting period. As a result, we will have less hair at home, and our cat’s digestive system will be less burdened. In addition, it is worth cleaning the cat’s ears and trimming claws once in a while (e.g. once a month).

Nebelung cat

Nebelung cat. History

The Nebelung breed arose spontaneously in the 1980s. Breeder Cora Cobb claims that if it wasn’t for Siegfried and Brunhilde there would be no Nebelung. In August 1984, one different kitten was noticed in the litter of six cats – with a longer coat, larger body sizes, longer paws and tail. It was Siegfried. His mother, Elsa, was a short-haired black domestic cat, and his father resembled a Russian blue cat. It was the mother who had the gene responsible for the longer coat – her father resembled black Angora. Five months later, seven kittens were born in the next litter of Elsa and her heavenly friend, including two half-haired females – one blue and the other black. Blue had a longer and brighter coat than Siegfried. She was called Brunhilde. Two years later, the first offspring of Siegfried and Brunhilde were born. Cora Cobb contacted TICA and continued to develop the new breed with the help of a specialist in genetics.

Nebelung cat


Nebelung – Nibelung – Russian long-haired blue cat – Breeds not recognized by FIFe
EMS code: NEB
  • Origin: United States
  • Character: delicate, sensitive, shy, emotional
  • Size: medium size
  • Weight: females 3-3.5 kg, males 4-5 kg
  • General appearance: long, muscular and graceful body
  • Head: slightly flattened, set on a slender neck; the forehead and straight nose form a convex angle
  • Ears: large, broad at the base, slightly rounded at the ends and directed forward
  • Eyes: oval, widely spaced, intensely green, less often light green almond-shaped eyes
  • Nose: gray
  • Body: long, paws long and oval-ended
  • Tail: Long, with a slightly rounded tip
  • Coat: long, thick
  • Color: blue with a silvery sheen
  • Activity: moderately active, likes peace
  • Resistance/susceptibility to diseases: rather resistant
  • Lifespan: 11-16 years

Interesting facts

Nebelung in German means “made of fog”. It is a good term for this quiet cat that moves noiselessly like fog. Nebelung cat is believed to be a restored breed of half-haired Russian blue cats from Victorian times. Kittens have yellow-green eyes, only about 2 years of age acquire an intense green color.

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