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Elf cat

According to some, the Elf cat resembles the elf Legolas of the Lord of the Rings, according to others – ugly Dobby.


The elf cat is energetic, very active, sometimes noisy. He loves man’s fun and company. The tendency to play does not go away with age. I prefer living in flats because of the mediocre coat.

Elf cat

Elf cat. Advantages and disadvantages


  • requires systematic care
  • requires protection against cold and sun
  • noisy
  • not suitable for an outgoing cat


  • active, sociable, emotional
  • likes fun, which doesn’t go away with age
  • suitable for a home with children
  • to the outgoing house
  • less allergic, which does not mean antiallergic – sensitizes the protein from cat’s saliva; you should study the (allergic) reaction of a person to a given cat
Elf cat

Elf cat. Health

Generally a healthy race.


It requires good quality food due to the accelerated metabolism associated with the lack of coat.


It requires care similar to sphinxes – protection against cold and excessive sunlight, as well as regular baths to protect against skin diseases. Twice a week, wiping the skin with a damp cloth is recommended.

Elf cat

Elf cat. History

In appearance, according to some, he resembles the elf Legolas of the Lord of the Rings, according to others – ugly Dobby from the Harry Potter series. This new breed of cats was created in the United States as a result of crossing sphinxes with American curls. Like the sphinxes, almost all of them are completely hairless, and differ from them with their ears turned outwardly – a feature inherited from curls. With less noticeable features – they have a different body structure than the sphinxes.

The program for shaping a new breed began in 2007 Karen Nelson, striving to shape a cat with a distinctive appearance and character – sociable, emotional and active. Karen is allergic to cats, but – except for hairless cats. Growers from Arizona, California, New Jersey, Idaho, Michigan, Illinois and Georgia participate in the program.

According to Karen Nelson, the intersection of sphinxes and curls resulted in a cat stronger and less delicate than sphinxes.

Elf cat


Elf cat – elf – a race not recognized by FIFe

  • Origin: United States
  • Character: active, friendly
  • Size: medium to large
  • Weight: 3.6-6.8 kg
  • General appearance: well-muscled, broad chest, heavily wrinkled skin, especially around the neck, around the ears and shoulders
  • Head: medium size
  • Ears: large, widely spaced; ear curvature should be between 90 and 180 degrees
  • Torso: long, well-muscled
  • Coat: almost hairless, soft down possible, especially on the paws, tail, ears and nose
  • Ointment: any color and pattern allowed
  • Activity: exuberant and active
  • Resistance/susceptibility to diseases: with age possible problems with joints and movement; requires protection from sun and cold
  • Possibility to buy a kitten: in Europe; cultures in the United States

Interesting facts

A kitten of this breed costs around 2,000 dollars.

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