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Aphrodite cat

Aphrodite cat is a natural breed of cat from Cyprus. Probably the oldest European cat breed.


Aphrodite cat has a wonderful, very gentle character and can live in groups. They are trustful to men and do not impose themselves at home. They combine the curiosity of Siamese and Thai cats with the calmness of Siberians. They are not conflicted in co-existence with other animals and humans. In “contentious matters” they do not use claws and teeth, but only go “offended.”

Aphrodite cat. Advantages and disadvantages

  • breed hard to reach
  • healthy and resistant breed
  • accepts other cats and dogs
  • very gentle, sociable
  • not imposed
  • great family cat, suitable for both children and the elderly
  • he likes combing

Aphrodite cat. Health

As a natural breed, they are very healthy and resistant. Although their homeland is the warm Aegean Islands, they will also find themselves in a temperate climate.


Very easy. Just comb the coat once a week. During molting periods – several times a week. The coat is not tangled.

Aphrodite cat. History

In 2001, French archaeologists found a grave in Cyprus. His age was estimated at 9,500 thousand years. It contained the remains of a man and a cat buried together. This discovery took the palm of priority from the Egyptians, who were credited with domesticating the cat. Cypriots are very proud of this fact, treat their cats as a national heritage and bring two new cat breeds into the arena: Aphrodite Cat (Aphrodite Cat, Aphrodite Giant) also called the Cypriot Mountain Cat (Cyprus Mountain Giant) and Cats Saint Helena.

They are natural breeds living in isolation from modern breeds. There are very few Aphrodite cats in Cyprus. They are supplanted by Saint Cats. Helena, which can be found at all housing estates and in the cities of Cyprus.

Starting their breeding is not easy. Aphrodite’s cat must undergo genetic testing, which is performed in California (USA). Do not allow inbreeding. Pairing must be carefully planned. To keep the Aphrodite race clean, pairing with other breeds is unacceptable. So only when buying a cat in licensed breeding can you be sure that it is strictly like the one from the mountains of Cyprus.


Aphrodite cat – Aphrodite cat – breeds not recognized by FIFe

For now, an initial breed standard for Aphrodite’s cats has been established.

  • Origin: Cyprus
  • Character: friendly, sociable
  • Size: medium size
  • Weight: 4-6 kg
  • General appearance: graceful, shapely, muscular
  • Head: looking from the front of the head, we see an elongated triangle with a straight cheek line; the mouth shall have a slight depression below eye height; strong jaws, prominent chin; the forehead is to be slightly rounded, and the upper part of the skull has a slight arch
  • Nose: Long and straight
  • Ears: wide apart, large to medium-sized; they should be mutually arranged in the form of an open letter V, and between them, there is a slightly arched skull with a round shape
  • Eyes: olive shape from slightly rounded to oval form; all colors that are uniform are acceptable; the eyes can be both blue, yellow and green, and it doesn’t matter if the color is light or dark
  • Torso: large and strong, and muscular body; neck and long back, muscular back and hips; hind legs slightly longer than forelegs
  • Tail: medium to long in length, proportionate to the size of the torso; for the short-haired variety, the base of the tail is clearly thicker than its tip
  • Coat: very soft, half-haired or short-haired; the short-haired variety is a minority; in semi-long-haired representatives, the winter coat is soft and wadded; short and soft in shorthair cats; in winter the hair is clearly longer than in summer; noticeable lack of undercoat and less casing hair in the summer season; only on the back can you notice residual amounts of coat hair that are waterproof; the half-haired cats’ tail is completely hairy and is in the form of an ostrich feather
  • Color: any, all colors are recognized except chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn (fawn) dilution, colorpoint including the Burmese gene and mink (mink); one-color animals (so-called solid) cannot have white admixture, and in the case of bicolor, an irregular drawing is desirable
  • Activity: rather calm
  • Lifespan: 12-15 years
Aphrodite cat

Interesting facts

Only about 50 cats of this breed live in Europe. Aphrodite cats love combing – daily hair care can be a great way to strengthen mutual ties.

  • Lelayne Safira – came from Turkey. She is a bit distrustful and very lively.
Aphrodite cat
  • Pippin of Parakleishia – Pippin is Europe’s first short-haired cat. She is very lively, fast, lively and curious. Sometimes we get the impression that it can replace a small monkey. Her character definitely differs from kittens with a longer coat.
Aphrodite cat
  • Daphne from Cyprus – Daphne is a pre-selection cat, i.e. it comes from natural conditions. It is amazing how a wild cat can be trusting and friendly towards humans. At home, he is perfect and when it comes to keeping cleanliness, in this respect he is almost a model cat.

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